What's it all about, Alfie?

Hello, my name is sos and I’m an independent software developer, based in the United Kingdom. I’ve developed mainly for Android and Chrome recently, but am currently concentrating on iOS & OSX (with Swift), and Android. I’ve tried my hand at pretty much every platform however, to varying degrees of success. Check out my work on the Play Store, the Chrome Web Store, or on GitHub

###What have you done for me lately?

An Android app for listening to the radio station WFMU, accessing news, schedules, archives, and live streams.

A quick app that finds words where one or more letters are unknown. Made purely so my mum could cheat at her beloved crosswords more quickly.

A Chrome extension which can intelligently highlight and recall text from webpages, in an efficient and simple manner. Recently written from the ground up (old version), based on 4 years of feedback.

An attempt to automatically filter out comments, which worked until the deluge became too great.

An audio plugin that does much the same as the aforementioned Android app, but as a plugin for Kodi (aka XBMC, the open source media centre).

  • And probably many other forgotten or half finished things…


You can contact me via Twitter @dexterouslogic, or email the site. For support with a specific app or extension, it’s better to send an email to support@dexterouslogic.com, with the product in the subject line.


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