1. Super Simple Highlighter 3.19

    Slight cosmetic changes, and an option to disable the blur/shadow around the edge of the highlights.

  2. Using a MacBook solely with an external monitor

    If you primarily use your MacBook with an external monitor, and prefer to disable the internal display when it’s connected, you may already be aware of the terminal command which allows you to turn off the internal display whilst it’s connected to an external monitor (dimming the screen doesn’t count):

  3. Super Simple Highlighter 3.1.8

    Just a quick note about the lastest release of Super Simple Highlighter. I’ve added the ability to copy the text of the highlights in the popup to the clipboard, and updated some support files to their latest versions. Thanks for Xtain for the suggestions. And sorry about breaking version 3.1.6. It was working when I uploaded it, I swear!

  4. Disabling nullability warnings in Xcode/Clang

    The recently added nullability qualifers in Objective C are a welcome addition, but unfortunately adding them to block type definitions can break autocomplete of the block parameter when implementing the method (the empty block that appears when you press Enter). At least it does for me at the time of writing (Xcode 6.3.2), meaning you have to enter the block type manually, which is no fun at all.

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